Ice Pops

If you have been following my blog for sometime you might have noticed my obsession with ice pops. I find them super easy to make and a great treat for any age. They are not loaded with sugar and are made with local and organic ingredients whenever possible. I don't mind when my son asks for a Smoothie Pop  for breakfast- it has yogurt, flax seed and tons of fruit. Just so you don't have to go searching through my blog (unless you want to I have over 100 posts about DIY and cooking) I have made a quick list of all my pop recipes over the last year. I hope you enjoy!

Papaya Pops
Pineapple Orange Papaya Pops
CocoCherri & RazzleMelon Pops
Smoothie Pops
Dreamy Strawberry Pops
Pineapple-Berry Pops
Watermelon Pops

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