Sunday, April 21, 2013

Smoothie Pops

It's been getting nice outside and soon it will be Hot and time for pops. Now is the time to get the freezer stocked up on pops. It's no fun to make pops when you could be eating them. This pop recipe is more of a guideline for smoothie pops. I'm a huge fan of drinking smoothies all year round. The other day I got a little excited about fresh fruit that I had way more then I could eat in a few days. So I made a big batch of smoothies drank what I wanted and made pops out if the rest. 
1 pineapple peeled and cored
4 mangos peeled and cored
2 pounds strawberries green removed and cut
3 Bananas -peeled
6 oz nonfat blueberry yogurt
2 packs emergen C  Vitamin C
1/2 c Acai Berry juice

 I blended everything together and made sure it was all smooth. I drank what I wanted which was 2 full glasses - it was Yummy! Now divide into Popsicle molds, freeze for about and hour and add the sticks. Don't add the sticks right away because they will sink to the bottom. I always freeze my pops overnight before removing from the molds. To release from molds, just dip in warm water and pull out. Wrap the pops in wax paper or plastic wrap,then stack in a freezer bag. It's so much better then store bought pops!

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