Monday, May 13, 2013

Dreamy Strawberry Pops

When I was young my favorite flavor of popsicles, icee, slurpie, hard candy was RED. What does red even  mean? That is just wrong that the color red can be thought of as a flavor ( and yes I know it was something like cherry, strawberry, watermelon) but it was fake none the less.  Now I can put a stop to all the extra sugar and preservatives that goes in my kiddo's body. That's why I make pops, so he can have a healthy cool treat in the summer. When I got a good deal on strawberries I thought I could stock up my freezer with some yummy strawberry pops.
 Dreamy Strawberry Pops
3 pounds strawberries, stems removed and cut in 1/4
1/4 cup sugar
24 oz plain yorgurt
2 oranges zested

In a food processer puree the strawberries and sugar. Then add the yogurt and orange zest. puree until smooth. This filled my 12 cup food processer up, so if you have a smaller one are are using a blender do it in batches. Now divide into Popsicle molds, freeze for about and hour and add the sticks. Don't add the sticks right away because they will sink to the bottom. I always freeze my pops overnight before removing from the molds. To release from molds, just dip in warm water and pull out. Wrap the pops in wax paper or plastic wrap,then stack in a freezer bag. It's so much better then store bought pops!

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  1. When we were kids, we would make up some Kool-Aid and pour it half way in paper cups and stick them in the cups in the freezer. I like your recipe better.