Thursday, May 24, 2012

Papaya Pops

After making my Papaya Face Mask I had a good amount of papaya left over. Since papaya is yummy  frozen I decided on POPSICLES!!
I am obsessed with Popsicles!! I have collected quite a few molds from goodwill shopping. So this is my kick off to a Summer of Popsicles. I will have many more flavors, as the summer goes on!
Since I didn't know squat about papaya until I bought one, here is a great website that explains How to pick out a papaya.  
I like to make lots of different kinds of pops, so to keep them straight I label the end of each stick, that way I can store multiple kinds in the same bag.

 Papaya Pops!
3 1/2 cups  papaya cut up in 1 inch chunks
3/4 cup sugar
 1/4 cup lime juice
zest of 1 lime
Add everything into a blender or food processor, and blend until smooth. See that was easy!
Now divide into Popsicle molds, freeze for about and hour and add the sticks. Don't add the sticks right away because they will sink to the bottom. I always freeze my pops overnight before removing from the molds. To release from molds, just dip in warm water and pull out. Wrap the pops in wax paper or plastic wrap,then stack in a freezer bag. It's so much better then store bought pops!

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