Saturday, December 22, 2012

12 days of Homemade Days 8,9 &10

Whoa this 12 days of posting got a little out of control. My time has been going so fast! I have been thinking long and hard for some great ideas! This is by far one of the easiest concepts I have posted. Put it in a Jar. You don't even have to make anything. Give those friends and family a little bit of your style but let them do the dirty work. Do you catch my drift?  I'm talking about mixes, and spice blends.
Lukas Helping stack jars
 Last year I made all my family and friends in SLC spice blends for cooking chicken, pork or beef. I just gathered up the spices  mixed them together in a giant bowl and divided them up in baby food jars- (that I had cleaned out and painted the lids silver.) Then I wrapped them up in cellophane and labeled them "Rub with Love"  pretty cute right? Well you can get creative with the container, and it's contents. For bigger stuff I would use pint or quart size mason jars. Wrap it up with a bow, or some cute fabric.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.
Cookies in a Jar- Chocolate chip Oatmeal Cookies to bake when they feel like it.
Hot Cocoa in a Jar- This one has peppermint candies that can be omited if you want regular Hot Cocoa
Double Chocolate Brownies in a Jar- I love double chocolate brownies!
Love Soup in a Jar I have never made this but it's a fun name and look tasty
Vegetarian Black Bean Soup- This soup is super easy to put together
Baby food Jars ready to be re-used!
Curried Lentil Soup in a Jar- Curry is one of my favorite flavors. I 'm still working on lentils- not my fav but I can handle them in soup.
Rib Seasoning- Great gift for the grillers you know
Curry Rub- Again with the curry. So yummy would be great on chicken
Montreal Spice Rub- This is one that I made for my family. It smells so good!
Chicken Spice Rub- A nice sweet and spicy rub for the chicken lovers out there.

My Obsession with Jars comes in handy for this project. 
Thus concludes Day 8, 9 and 10 for 12 days of Homemade. I hope you got some great ideas.  Here's a quick recap of the last 7 days-Day 1 was Cookies, Day 2 was jewelry for the ladies, Day 3 was for the gentlemen, and Day 4 was all about paper. Day 5 was homemade condiments and days 6 &7 was about helping out others.

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