Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 Days of Homemade Gifts- Day 1

 For years now I have just made simple gifts for my family and friends. I think the personal touch makes it that more special. I know not everyone is super crafty, but that's the beauty in it you don't have to be. Everyone has special talents. For example I don't know how to knit- no big deal, but I can cook and sew. I will obviously pick something from one of my strong categories.  Since I have so much to say about each item I figured I would break it up into 12 days of gifts. I have found  great inexpensive gift ideas for your friends and family. They will save you stress and money this season.

For day 1 I picked Cookies! This is a ageless gift. People have been making holiday cookies for friends and neighbors for a long time. It's fun to decorate sugar cookies with colorful sprinkles and icing. Or if you don't have time to decorate cookies then the basic "drop" cookie will suit your needs. Here are a few good recipes.
I hope that these cookie recipes help you in you quest for Holiday Cookie Domination. I will be doing my share of cookie baking and decorating this year -at home and work. Cheers until tomorrow to continue my 12 days of Homemade gifts. check out day 2 here 12-days-of-homemade-day-2

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