Monday, September 10, 2012


I still have a ton of apples. Since I just made Apple Pie Filling in a Jar I didn't need anymore of that. So I made applesauce. Wow how easy was that?!! It always freaked me out, for some reason I thought it was super-duper hard. NOPE! I like applesauce and so does Lukas. The recipe is a little loose, if you have tart apples- a little sugar is in order. But start with sweet apples and no sugar needed. Having access to a food mill makes it even easier. But not a lot of people have a food mill. I'm not even sure why I have one, this is the first time using it. I just herd it was a great tool to have around- oh and I picked it up for $2 at goodwill. But if a food mill is not available all you have to do is peel the apples.

apples washed and cored
water or apple juice
sugar- to taste

If using a food mill no need to peel the apples, if not get going. Then core the apples. No need to cut or chop after cored. Put apples in a large stock pot, fill pot with about 1 1/2 inches of water or apple juice. Cook on medium heat till apples are fully cooked. If you peeled the apples then just mash up with a potato masher. If you have a food mill - run through it and voila applesauce. If you used tart apples add sugar to taste. Can be stored in the fridge or processed in a water bath canner 15 min for pints, 20 min for quarts. Once canned it can be stored for 3 years.

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