Wednesday, October 10, 2012

D.I.Y. display shelves

I keep seeing pictures of cute shelves for kids' rooms. Luke's aunt found a really cute way to display and hold her kids books. I saw that it was sturdy and decided that it was a great inexpensive way to go.  She used rain gutters! Yeah I know rain gutters! I have seen  this all over the Internet. I  went for 2 shelves, she did 4. Really the possibilities are endless. And oh so easy! First you just need to decide how many shelves you want and how long they need to be.. At our local hardware store the rain gutters come in 1 size and 2 colors. They are 10 feet long, white or brown, metal or plastic.  I went for the white metal ones, it looks a little like molding. We did 2 five foot shelves by sawing the gutter in half. Gutters cost around $6 and change. Then there is just a few more things to buy : end caps are about $1 each, screws $3 each (need 4 of each for 2 shelves). And a drill lucky for me Ryan has a bunch of tools, so we didn't need to worry about that. Once you buy everything figure out where the shelves are going to go and make it level, drill the screws in and voila fun display shelves. This isn't only for kid's rooms it could be used for art, photos, DVDs, cookbooks. If you do this I hope it is enjoyed!

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