Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Green Pasta

 I made 3 different kinds of pasta a few days ago.  Man did I get myself into a project. I underestimated the amount that I would get. Be prepared to get a nice load of pasta. Don't worry it can be frozen or dried for later use. I gave a bunch of mine away to friends, I even traded some for a freshly caught Salmon. I made fairly healthy pasta. Spinach, kale, swiss chard. I had made spinach before but the kale and swiss chard was new for me. I am not a big fan of chard and kale, but I got a huge bag full from a friends garden. I figured if I made pasta I would eat the leafy greens, and it worked! I even used whole wheat flour. I would say this is the healthiest pasta I will ever make and eat. 
Lasagna Sheets with 1/2 kale & 1/2 Chard
It's nice to have a pasta roller- but if you don't, it can be rolled by hand, it does take more muchels. I bet you know someone that has a pasta roller in a cabinet, stored away ready to be used. That's why I have one thanks to my aunt. If you are looking for one I do see them at thrift stores plenty for cheap. 

Green Pasta:
12oz of greens: Kale, Spinach, or Swiss Chard- blanched
4 cups whole wheat flour 
4 eggs
1 TBS water
pinch of salt

Prepare the greens by chopping them up by hand or in a food processor. In a mixer combine the flour, salt and greens, slowly incorporate the eggs one at a time, then add the water. If the dough is crumbly or dry slowly add more water till it forms a ball.  Let the dough rest for 30 min under a towel on the counter. 
If you’re using a roller, start with the widest setting and put it through a few times, folding it over in half in between passes. This kind of works to knead the dough. Three or four times through should do the trick! At the end you’re sheet should be the exact width of you pasta roller. Then one time through each setting will be fine. If the dough starts to stick dust with flour. I used all-purpose flour since it's less grainy then whole wheat.  My roller has 9 settings I only rolled to 6 or 7 that seemed like a great thickness. Then I passed it through my fettuccine cutter. Or don't cut it and have lasagna sheets. Once everything was cut I tossed it with flour and let it dry out on my counter. To store the pasta it can be bundled in nests and frozen, or dehydrated. Cooking it fresh will only take a few mins in boiling water, take out as soon as it floats to the top. Just a few extra mins when it's straight from the freezer. Enjoy your fresh pasta!
Swiss Chard on the left, Kale on the right

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