Monday, August 20, 2012

High 5 EX

The other night I went out with a few of my friends. We went to Ballard, I don't hang out in Ballard as much as I used to, but since both of them live over there I made the journey over. At first we started out in a sleepy bar that was pretty dead. We had some food and beers and were on our way. Then moved to a a very busy bar, Wow so much more action then the previous bar. In the back they had a skee ball game to play, we played that for a few rounds. The scores were J-1100, C-1440, L- 1240. No I didn't win.
 After we ran out of quarters we settled down in a booth that a good amount of traffic to and from the back. While we were chatting I noticed that people around us were not that fun. I thought of the High Five Experiment I know every time I get a high five I feel about 1000 times better then before regardless of my mood. I first started out with my hand up ready to receive high fives, this didn't work. The lack of enthusiasm  was my fault. J pointed out that my hand was too low to be in any one's eye line. So I put my hand down, I did look rather silly it's looked like I had a question. Then we decided I just put it up high when someone would walk by.
The first revision was made and that's when we went high five crazy. I believe that I gave out about a hundred of high fives on Friday night. It was funny to see people's faces. Some were very excited to get a high five, others glared at me a left me hangin'. Sorry to say it but girls were in the minority of fun high fivers.  The busser was the one of the funniest guys every time he walked by he wanted a high five. And on the side of the spectrum the other busser said "really again?" to me after attempting a 2nd high five- needless to say he was cut off after that. I wasn't trying to annoy anyone, just have a little fun.
Then walks in Jay. I give him a high five, then high fives the whole table-  then asks to sit down. We all start chatting away. Turns out he is from the same area as C and they were 1 year apart in rival H.S. Now that's a small world. Just a small hint neither of them are from Washington. We never would have met him if it wasn't for the High 5 EX.
Now it was time to go, and it was such a fun night. I went to restroom where of course there was a line. While in line I passed the experiment down to some really cool girls. They said they would continue my work. But who knows. As we were leaving we gave more high5's and as we were walking around high5ing  everybody.  So if you are out at a bar and some puts their hand up for a high5, just high5 them back!

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  1. WOW wayyyyyyyyyy fun Liz ...Just another way to have fun and meet someone new... Congratulations on paying it forward....