Sunday, November 13, 2011


 I am getting ready for Thanksgiving! This is my first year going the whole nine yards, we are having 15 people over and boy am I in over my head. I have been making lists and lists and lists. I have a shopping list which I have been comparing to the store ads and coupons. One list for all the dishes I will be making, another list of ingredients I already have, I even have a list to keep my lists in order. Oh it's going to get crazy in this house come November 23. I am not going to be doing test runs of the food since it's about a week away. I will share with all of you what I am planning on. If the recipes are online I will share them too. So bring on the Lists!
List 1: Dishes- This was way longer until I looked at it and freaked out. Way too much food, but I do love some leftovers! This list doesn't include the actual dishes I will have to be doing after dinner.. 
 I am taking a lot of advice from bon appetit and Martha Stewart

    Photograph by Marcus Nilsson  
  • 20 pound Turkey- did I really have to list this? Yes! it is the star of the day, GOBBLE GOBBLE! It's all in the way that you prepare it. I have cooked turkey before but not one this large.I have decided the cider-brined-turkey-with-star-anise-and-cinnamon is the way to go!
  •  Garlic Mashed Potatoes-  now when making them you need a ton, it is the co-star to the turkey in my world. I just use a basic recipe but will add 6 cloves of roasted garlic cloves to 10 pounds of potatoes. mashed-potatoes

  • Carrots- Usually it is a ton of starches and turkey, this year I want good veggie sides for everyone to choose from. spiced-glazed-carrots-with-sherry-and-citrus sounds yummy!
  • Green Beans- Lets face it the traditional green bean casserole isn't the cat's meow. I found this updated recipe that includes artichokes, I think I will add the fried onions and some spices since they sound better then chunks of bread. green-bean-and-artichoke-casserole sure does look tasty. 
  • Brussels Sprouts- Ever since I started liking them about a year ago I can't  get enough of them, plus paired with pancetta will be amazing this is a great recipe brussels_sprouts_with_pancetta.
  • Gravy ties everything on the plate together. I am using this as a guide to silky-turkey-gravy but i will be using chicken stock that I have made already. 
  • Rolls- cranberry_nut_rolls  I will omit the nuts, just a preference of mine. 
  • Cranberry Sauce and Stuffing-  I am delegating it for someone to bring, com'on I can't do it all!
  • Sweet Potato Pie- YES we have made it to dessert ! Instead of having sweet potatoes as a side dish, this pie will be replacing pumpkin pie at our feast- I hope I don't get in too much trouble for this.This looks so much better sweet_potato_pie
  • Apple Blackberry Pie- Since I went a little blackberry picking crazy this summer I have a ton of blackberries to use up, this seems fitting and enclosed in a all butter double crust how can anyone resist? apple-blackberry-pie
  • Chocolate Pecan Tart- I made this last year and it was Amazing, it has been requested this year. chocolate-toffee-pecan-tart
  • Salted Caramel Cream Puffs- I am using this recipe but changing it a bit, I am only going to make the cream puffs with salted caramel pastry cream dipped in dark chocolate. Oh YES I went there! this is what I am going to have for dessert! milk-chocolate-and-salted-caramel
I have my work cut out for me, however I do have Wednesday off and I do some of this for a living, so it will be like working from home. But I don't get paid- darn!  It will definitely be a feast. I will report back after and let everyone know if I had a melt down or not.  Well I hope everyone has a great Turkey day. And I am thankful for my 4 followers, lets hope for a few more in the new year!


  1. sounds delish!!!! I'm not sure what we're doing. Having a broken leg wasn't in the plans... so we're still figuring it out.

  2. Yea being broken is never easy when cooking! I hope your meal is great, even if you end up going out. Now that would be a treat!

  3. i want to get into brussel sprouts..have some in the fridge for tonite..but how??????

  4. Carmells- The recipe above is great brussels spouts, but another easy way is to saute them in a little butter with pepper and garlic.

  5. Yummy! Just went shopping for my own turkey dinner tonight. LOVE Thanksgiving because of all the deliciousness. I love reading about other people's meals because it inspires me with recipe variations to try. xoxo

  6. Good to hear Hillary! Hope Thanksgiving is great for you and the family!

  7. i put my brusell sprouts in a bowl with a bit of olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt then baked in the oven with my chicken. easy and good. i admit..i cooked a bit too long but nummy!!!!!!!

  8. Great that sounds DELISH!Keep it up!

  9. So far I haven't freaked out,Turkey is tucked away in his Brine. The apple pie is ready to bake, tart shell and graham cracker crust is ready for the fillings. I am going to start the cream puffs, then all I have left is the sides. Not too shabby! Yes there is going to be leftovers!

  10. I made the Brussels sprouts and they turned out great! Making more tonight. Good find on that recipe.