Sunday, November 13, 2011

Warm up!

Oh man the last few weeks have been crazy. The weather is changing, it is now getting cold and with daylight savings time it gets dark near 5pm. Every year at this time it gets gloomy and rainy here in Seattle. Don't get me wrong I like the rain that is why I moved here. It's a  little discouraging at first, just looking outside I get tricked and think it is 8pm but low and behold it is 5:30 WHAT?!!  I was ready for bed! 
With the snap in the air, I tend to want to curl up and stay warm. This turns me into a lazy Liz! Just because it is cold I can't ignore everything. I have a nice little list of things you can do to warm up on the chilly nights, and will get you motivated. Here I go with my lists again so put on a pair of slippers and get started!

  1. Cook Dinner-  Cooking warms me up so very fast. The first thing I do when I get to work at 6am is turn on the ovens and bake scones and cookies. Now that warms me up at work. But for home it's practically the same thing. Turn on the oven for a casserole,  boil some water for pasta, cook some rice, anything will warm you up. 
  2. Do the dishes-  When I first moved to Seattle my roommate and I would want to do the dishes because that water was hot and our fingers were cold. This will also keep your kitchen nice and clean.
  3. Laundry- I just love to fold nice and hot laundry from the dryer. Just like putting on warm socks, be surrounded by warm clothes. Yet again keeping the house clean. 
  4. Move around- easier said then done. When I get home from work I don't want to do anything because I am moving around all day. If I keep the momentum going things will get done. If I sit down i ain't movin'! But Luke keeps me going. If you have a little one then moving around is easy!
  5. Exercise- Lately I have had a strew of injuries my knee and my back. I haven't been doing much, but intend to once I am feeling better.
  6. Drink- Yes I said drink, it doesn't have to be Alcohol but it can be. Have some Tea, Ho Cho (hot cocoa) Coffee or Cider. But if you are so inclined have some wine it will raise your body temp.  Hell take some advice from the Russians and take a shot of Vodka.
  7. Start a Fire?! ONLY IF YOU HAVE A FIREPLACE! Be careful
Now that I have made you clean the entire house and get drunk. Have a seat and cuddle up with a movie or a good book you deserve it. I bet you are warm.

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