Friday, September 30, 2011

Jars, Jars and more Jars!

I have gotten a little carried away with collecting mason jars. It doesn't help that my friends offered me 2 big boxes of pint mason jars from their wedding. The very same day I got a huge score at goodwill with 35 quart mason jars at .20 each, I couldn't resist! When I got home I pulled out the jars I already had, and lined them all up up on the dinning room table. I had too many for the dinning room table. Yikes I have a problem! Now that is some serious canning. I thought of all the things that I can, and I have triple the jars! I know what some of you are thinking- send them your way right? Hell no! I am determined to use up the jars if it takes me years! I have been racking my brain for good ideas. I have a few useful ways to use them up. So if you like the rustic look of mason jars, or have a few floating around, here are some fun ways to utilize them besides canning. 

 With all my collecting I have come across many different shapes and type of mason jars.  The old ones are not recommended to can with anymore but simply for dried goods and storage. 

It has become very popular to have mason jars as glasses in weddings and bars. That is how I was blessed with so many from our friends. 
Yesterday at work my co-worker brought leftover mashed potatoes from home in a mason jar. Leftovers are great to stuff into mason jars. I like to keep sauces in them too. For liquids I like to use the white storage lids ball makes. It keeps everything air tight and I don't waste the sealing lids.
Peach Gin, Peach Vodka, Tomato Sauce, Boysenberry Jam, Blackberry Vodka
Flowers! Enough said! tie a ribbon around them and you are good to go!

Roses in Vintage Ball Blue Perfect Mason
 Keeping things organized in the bathroom are essential. Toothpaste and toothbrush, Q-tips, band-aids. 

Toothpaste in vintage Kerr Jar, Q-tips & Band-aids in jelly jars

 For my bedside table I keep my extra tip money and change. I just got these great headbands but I don't want to smash them so I tossed them in a Jar along with some hair ties and necklaces. Spare Matchboxes always get lost, throw them in a jar!
Accessories in Quart jar, Money in vintage Kerr, Matches in 18oz Ball

The smaller 1/2 pint are great for candles, and thanks to the last picture you know I have matches! I clip coupons like crazy, keeping them in a jar is handy. 

Coupons in Quart jar, candles in jelly jars
Buying dry goods in bulk is cheaper and less wasteful, mason jars are the perfect way to store grains, pasta, sugar, flour, tea (loose or bagged), beans. The possibilities are endless.

Cornmeal in 1/2 pint, loose tea vintage Kerr, bagged tea vintage ball blue, white beans in vintage Quick seal, pasta in  vintage Drey, couscous in vintage Ball.

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