Thursday, September 29, 2011

Toddler gibber jabber

My Little Lukas is getting bigger and bigger each day.Now he is 15 months old. He is beginning to talk and sound out words. He says some basic words like momma, dadda, ball,  hi, oh yea, whats that? and a few others.He will imitate me when I make animal sounds. Tonight I had a conversation with him, he was all gibber jabber. I couldn't understand him but he fully understood me.I told him to close the door and he did. I know the real words are coming it's so exciting! Once he starts talking he will be a non stop chatterbox, like Ryan and Myself.  
We're also entering a phase as the Dr. says Mr. No. I have yet to experience this but I am not excited.  Right now Lukas knows right from wrong. But he gets that mischievous smile on his face when he knows it's wrong, looks at me, waiting for me to stop him. We praise him when he is good, and scold him when he is bad. But soon he will say no to everything. I guess I will cherish these times when he just speaks his own language. 

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