Wednesday, December 5, 2012

D.I.Y. Jewelry Board

Silver with polka-dot fabric
I recently received a large amount of jewelry and realized if I stored in a box it would get all tangled., and I would forget about it. Looking online I was trying to get ideas for storage. I found alot of choices:  jewelry trees, and boards. Off I was to goodwill looking for the perfect option. I found a fireplace screen, it had 3 parts that I could easily take apart. 2 smaller screens, and a large one. With everything I have using the bigger screen would work best. It had to be cleaned up a bit and I wanted to paint it. My color options were silver or brown since that's what was in my craft closet.
Before it was cleaned up.
It took about 45 min wandering around home depot to figure how to hang my jewelry. I ended up using peg board hooks for tools. It was inexpensive and just what I needed. Later I did find out that my fireplace screen was magnetic, so getting magnetic hooks would have worked too.
Now what to do with the 2 smaller screens?  After realizing that they were magnetic I figured I could use them around the house. 1 in the kitchen and the other in the spare room.  Then to class the screen up a bit I wanted to put fabric behind it to pull the whole thing together.All I did was hot glue the fabric to the back of the screen. Then  voilia a jewelry board or a magnetic message board. The silver one really does look good in person, the camera doesn't do it justice.
With my jewelry I try and surround myself with unique pieces of art. Many have been made by local NW artists. I have quite a few peices done by a good friend.  Sinful Solace is her website and is worth checking out. She has unique taste and is very creative.

brown with polka-dot fabric
silver-glitter with ship fabric

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