Monday, November 5, 2012

5k Anyone?

I'm signing up for a 5k, I figure if I actually sign up for one I would get my butt in gear and train.  The registration is not open yet. However I am on the mailing list, and AM going to register! I am giving myself enough time to train. It's not like it's next month,  I have till May 2013. I hear that 5ks are more fun with others so I am doing a call out on my friends who would like to join me.
I had to start with a fun race. That will keep my mind off the actual running.
 I am going to do  The Color run. I see they have color runs all throughout the U.S. and Australia. This looks like a blast! I knew someone who did this last year and they said it was so much fun. You start off in a plain white shirt, and along the way there is 5 zones of color. So pretty much by the end you are covered in colorful chalk. AMAZING!! Of course there is more information on the website.
We joined the YMCA so it's going to be easier for me to workout and train. So far I have worked out everyday this month and plan on keeping my workout routine. Wish me luck!and I will update once the registration open.

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