Sunday, October 14, 2012

Girls Night IN!

I just had a fantastic idea to host a girls night in. Movies, wine, nails, facials, gossip. Does that sound too much like a pre-teen slumber party except for the wine part? Well I don't care. I have been researching diy skin care and think it would be fun to share with my friends. I would kick the boys out and we would have the run of the house. If you want to plan a fun girls night IN. Here are some of the ideas I was thinking of. Or if you just want to try it on your own that's good too. Guaranteed I will try everything especially the wine before I host a girls night in.
50-all-natural-beauty-products-you-can-make-yourself- I could have alot of fun with this list
Easy Homemade Face Masks - huge list of quick and easy masks.
how-to-paint-nails- True not everyone knows how to paint nails- I once just painted my whole tip of my finger and figured I could just use remover around it. I showed  a girl in my class (7th grade) who was really good a painting nails- pretty sure she gasped and shook her head. Then she showed me the proper way. 
how_to_drink_wine_like_a_professional- Wow some people are very serious about drinking wine. Me not so much. But I do know what I like and that's all that counts. 
Now on to the movies! What movies would you watch? Or just listen to fun music or both? I would have a few classics on hand to decide on later.
top-20-chick-flicks - Just to name a few.. 
Well I will be planning a night soon. And so should you! I have been busy and need to hang out with my friends!

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