Thursday, August 2, 2012

Habanero Steaks!


Yes that is correct I made Habanero Steaks.  In my house we like spicy,  and every time I think something is spicy - Ryan says it's not that bad, but this time he said it was spicy! I added some pickled Habanero that I  put up did last year. The pickled habanero  caramelizes a bit and just melts in your mouth.  I made a non-spicy one for the kiddo. If pickled habaneros are not available just use fresh. Be warned fresh is pretty intense, the pickling kinda mellows them out. I simply made a quick habanero BBQ sauce and let the steaks marinate for a few hours. After pouring the marinade on the steaks, I placed thin strips of habanero pieces over the top. When grilling the steaks I left the habanero slices on top and removed them before flipping, then added them back to the top. I didn't want to lose them to the grill.  Easy right?! **WHEN HANDLING HOT PEPPERS- wear gloves and don't touch anything. The oils from the pepper will burn your skin. TRUST ME! It hurts for days if you have a ton of exposure.
Habanero Marinade:
1 TBS pickled habanero  chopped up
1 bottle BBQ sauce- spicy or plain
2 TBS Vinegar
2 TBS water
mix together- and pour over steaks, put slices of habanero on top of steaks. let marinate for at least 1 hour. Grill up and enjoy!

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