Monday, December 5, 2011

Infusion Party!

I made these fun tags for each bottle
 3 Months ago I planned an Infusion party. A liquor Infusion is when you transform a regular liquor into something fabulous. I chose gin and vodka, and only did fruity concoctions, but spicy and herbal are great too. My friends were encouraged  to create an infusion to share at the party. They did a great job!

This idea was so exciting that I went a little infusion crazy.  Using strawberries from my garden, yellow plums from a friend, peaches from the farmers market, and blackberries that I picked.  I had bottles and bottles of fruit and liquor sitting in my garage. At first I was so excited I would check on them daily, it was going to be a long process!! Some infusions only took a week or two, others 3 months! Alas when I started infusing, this blog didn't exist so I don't have pictures of the whole process.

At the party we had so many infusions! With Jazz in the background and mason jars for glasses, someone said it felt like a speakeasy.

  • Pear Ginger Vodka- Chopped up pears and ginger slices for 2 weeks with a 3 TBS of sugar
  • Peach Vanilla Vodka- Halves of peaches, with 1 TBS Vanilla Extract 1/4 cup sugar for 1 month
  • Peach Lavender Gin- peach pits with 2 sprigs of lavender 3 TBS of sugar for 3 weeks
  • Blackberry Lime Gin- whole Blackberries 1 lime pealed with no pith, 3 TBS sugar for 2 months
  • Plum Gin- Yellow plums halved, with 1/4 cup sugar, 5 whole cloves, 1 cinnamon stick for 3 months
  • Strawberry Vodka- 2 cups strawberries halved in 1 quart Vodka for 2 weeks
  • Habanero Tequila- 3 Habaneros halved infuse for 2-4 hours
  • Jalapeno Tequila- 3 jalapenos halved for 2 days
  • Lavender Tequila or Vodka- 2-3 sprigs lavender for 4 days
  • Chocolate Vodka- 1 dark chocolate Bar cut into cubes for 4 days
  • Raspberry Vodka- 2 pints Raspberries for 2 months

Strawberry Lemon Drop
 For the party we had lemons and limes along with ginger ale and sprite for mixing. We made up some crazy drinks! My favorite was Strawberry Vodka lemon drop, I recreated one for a picture since I didn't take any photos during the party.


  1. It was so amazing! Tip for readers- definitely check your infusions and make sure your jars are SEALED tight. If not, you'll end up with Pruno (the prison wine) or something equally horrific. Also, if it smells really fermented, don't taste it. Just... don't.

  2. Yay for infusing! So many delicious combos!!

  3. Good Point Jen! And make sure to keep everything in a cool dark place. Also try and shake every few days if you are doing a long Infusion!